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Sustainability Week 2020: Time for Reflection

In 2020, the annual sustainability week at the consulting company ec4u expert consulting ag was an opportunity for reflection due to circumstances.

Announced with this year’s project title “ec4u and Sustainability”, the week was organized in cooperation with the project group of the Markgrafen Gymnasium Durlach. The group worked out the topic further and considered the motto “Corona Shutdown: time to slow down and think sustainable”. The sustainability week took place from 4 May to 8 May 2020.

Digitally sustainable

Due to the limitations of the Corona crisis, the theme week was implemented exclusively digital on the ec4u Social Business Network. Interesting articles, exciting facts and recommendations on various aspects of sustainability were shared daily together with tips on how to behave responsibly. All in all, these efforts encouraged employees to try out and share methods for sustainable living.

Plan for Sustainability Week 2020:

  • Monday – World-Relax-Day
  • Tuesday – No-Plastic-Day
  • Wednesday – Kindness Day
  • Thursday – Food-Day
  • Friday – Diversity Day

For example, the “Kindness Day” was dedicated to the facet of social sustainability to emphasize the importance of a good interpersonal climate. The material included knowledge how to show, appreciate and articulate kindness in daily life as well as suggestions to be consciously nice to colleagues and fellow human beings on this day and talk about it.

“The concept of sustainability is multifaceted and encompasses not only social, but also ecological and economic sustainability,” reveals Sarah Brüning, Manager Human Resources. “All three areas contribute to creating and promoting a sustainable environment in a company.”

Promoting exchange

In order to strengthen the concept of the Sustainability Weeks in the long term, feedback was evaluated before, during and after the project. Surveys were also carried out. “The surveys already indicated that there has been a change. For example, by the end of the week, more survey participants were motivated to buy more regional and seasonal products. With that simple choice, you can achieve social, economic and ecological effects,” says Sarah Brüning.

“But we were also particularly happy that employees exchanged ideas, tips and experiences with each other. Especially in the current situation, it is certainly a challenge to pay attention to other areas of life and act more consciously in addition to corona restrictions and daily routines. We are therefore all the more pleased that the ec4u employees have found positive ways to deal with the limitations, for example by being aware that the car does not always have to ‘come along’ on trips.”

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