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What’s the best way to make sure customers keep coming back? Excellent service. Customers have become increasingly demanding in recent years. Easy access and a high quality of service – preferably 24/7 on all channels – are the keys to happy and loyal customers. You can count on excellent advice from us, starting with setting up your service centers, followed by optimizing services, and instituting financial controls for service.

Your basis for friendly customer service

Set up service centers

Modern service centers work with all communication channels simultaneously, such as emails, phones, and letters, plus social networks like Facebook and Twitter. We can certainly assist you in setting these up – from end to end: a concept for service that perfectly fits into your enterprise, your industry, and your customers’ needs. Let us help you find the right CRM system to centrally coordinate your service processes, and train and enhance the relevant capabilities of your staff.

Online service that makes a difference

Set up customer portals

Optimize the quality of your service and cut costs: a customer portal allows you to provide better customer care and reduce the workload of the service center. We are the one-stop shop that offers all facets, ranging from consulting services for your customer portal to implementation, and management.


Be up-to-date about recent interaction with the customer with a single click


Choose the primary contact from the mobile CRM client with a single click

Making everything run smoothly

Optimize service

How can I improve my complaints management system? Does my service request management program fulfill all customer needs? How can I better support customer service workflows with IT systems? No matter what your current concerns are, we analyze the service you provide from your and your customers’ standpoint. The outcome – concrete solutions to optimize your processes.

The key to greater customer satisfaction

Financial controls for service

Excellent service is no coincidence. We offer the right tools to meausure the quality of your service in terms of KPIs, analyze it, direct it from a strategic standpoint, and transform it, if necessary. The result: higher quality of service and rising customer satisfaction levels.

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Need support for your service center or customer portals? For managing complaints or service requests? Our ec4u service experts would love to hear from you.

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