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Welcome to modern marketing, where customers venture out on their own to find out about products and services and where they seemingly make buying decisions spontaneously. It might seem as if your company does not have any say in this process – this is where we come in. Our tools empower you to effectively take advantage of this new customer behavior. Make your marketing success measurable and controllable: we have comprehensive solutions on all aspects of marketing automation systems, lead management, customer lifecycle management, and content marketing – to help you achieve excellence in marketing.

Turn an anonymous interest into a sales opportunity

Integrated lead management

Spice up the interest of prospective customers and hand them over to sales as ready-to-buy leads. Let us provide the necessary fuel via integrated management of leads, which delivers a triad of benefits: 1) intelligent dovetailing of marketing with sales guarantees an optimized customer journey; 2) linking lead nurturing with lead scoring ensures targeted information and verifies your leads, and 3) incorporating marketing automation into business processes, enables you to fully exploit the potential of your marketing efforts while conserving resources.

For long-term, profitable customer relationships

Customer lifecycle management

It’s one thing to simply win new customers. It’s a completely different matter to maintain successful customer relationships. We will help you set up a system to manage customer lifecycles. With this approach, you can feed relevant information to your customers to generate sustained interest in your products and services. We cover the entire customer lifecycle: from acquisition to retention and customer loyalty programs to reactivation.


Individual and flexible design of your marketing campaign workflows


Easy-to-view dashboards and reports for intelligent optimization


Easy-to-view dashboards and reports for intelligent optimization

Deliver relevant content

Content marketing

Good content is useless if it doesn’t reach customers. Get the right information at the right time to the right customer. At ec4u, we have the ideal mix of marketing approaches comprising optimized emailing, online campaigns, use of social media, and personalized online marketing. All this is executed through a marketing automation platform that measures the behavior of your customers and makes the customer touch points more transparent.

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