Customer Analytics and Business Intelligence:
Our Solutions to Generate More Value from Customer Data

Learn to read customer data.

Have you ever wondered whether a marketing email message might even keep away a customer from buying a recommended product? Or worse, a retention measure may actually cause the customer to churn? Hence the question arises: which methods should be applied to reduce such risks? Or how precisely do you have to segment your customers to not awake sleeping dogs during a retention campaign?

None of these are just theoretical considerations, but rather daily examples of our customers’ challenges. We respond to such questions with advanced analysis methods like predictive and prescriptive analytics, which have been specially developed for these purposes. We rely on market-leading technologies, which allows us to customize solutions and, thus, precisely meet the specific needs of our customers.

Customer analytics is the application of data analysis methods to generate value add from customer data.

Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out into the Web like deer on a freeway.

Geoffrey Moore (American Business Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Author of Crossing the Chasm)

Customer analytics and business intelligence along the customer journey

Customer analytics and business intelligence are a powerful combination that takes the journey of your customers to the next level. Regularly calculated KPIs help you gain a clear understanding of the performance of your processes, campaigns, etc. Business intelligence allows you to analyze your customers’ behavior and recognize trends early on, and to visualize them. Customer Analytics utilizes modern data analysis methods at customer touchpoints. One entry point could be to verify your personae by applying data analyses, for example. Moreover, additional characteristics and correlations between customer groups can be revealed and analyzed. Often, predictive analytics techniques and data-driven field experiments play a crucial role in this process.

Count on our advanced approaches to support you on any of the following issues:

Marketing automation and
email targeting

When executing marketing campaigns, it’s crucial that you reach only those customers who can be convinced by the marketing measure to make a purchase, for example. With intelligent processes, such as uplift modeling, we can help you identify customers showing already a high willingness to buy or those who could be put off from making the purchase by contacting them. These methods help you significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing campaign.

Data-driven buyer personae and customer segmentation

We can show you how to derive data-driven buyer personae from your customer data, and finalize these with our specialized marketing expertise. Tapping your data allows you to discover customer behavior that isn’t intuitively detectable. With this approach, you can execute customer campaigns and send product recommendations in an even more personalized and targeted way.

Predictive lead scoring

Predictive lead scoring is a key element of the marketing- and sales process. This method combines the analysis of historic data and machine learning. It allows to deliver highly accurate scores which reflect a conversion probability or expected revenues. In the consumer sector, the predictive customer lifetime value plays a key role in increasing efficiency in various processes, for example in customer support.

Predictive churn prevention
and retention

Recognizing churn early and take appropriate actions is an essential task for all companies. Especially in situations where customers defect in silence, this is a tricky endeavor. By leveraging the right analytics methods, we can assist you in early recognizing churn and suggest optimized actions for increasing loyalty and reducing churn.

Campaign performance monitoring

KPI-driven performance measurements are based on data from campaigns, sales, and click streams which are prepared and visualized for specific user groups. We can show you how to break down and track the success of campaigns in detail, by analyzing trends over time and looking at different channels and segments. We assist you to then apply the outcomes directly to operating processes, with the result that such continuous improvements allow you to achieve a high level of efficiency in addressing the customer in a personalized way.

marketing and sales performance controlling

Will the marketing targets be met in budget? Are the right processes in place and lived to achieve these objectives? Our business intelligence solutions will provide you with precise and up-to-date answers on these and many other business-critical questions. Thanks to KPIs tailored to your business processes, you comprehend your business through the ‘eyes’ of data. Moreover, with state-of-the-art visualizations, we ensure all relevant KPIs are presented in an efficient and easy to understand way. As a result, you will be able to spot areas for improvement at a glance and take immediate action.

Our services along the value chain

We offer customer analytics and business intelligence services that span the entire value chain – starting with developing a strategy and concepts, through to technical execution, followed by support and maintenance of your systems.

Strategy and design

We work with you to develop relevant use cases on customer analytics & business intelligence aspects. Of importance are estimates of the ROI and road map related issues.
Data-driven field tests and iterative approaches are particularly effective for implementing and establishing sound new concepts and ideas in a verifiable way.

Technical concepts and architecture

Rely on our support to help you prepare technical concepts related to any aspect of customer data, analytics, and automation. You will benefit from our longstanding experience in this field.

Software selection

We select the right tools that match your current software strategy, whether on-premise or purely cloud-based. Since the market for software is highly dynamic, especially in the field of data analytics, it is vital to work with experienced consultants.

Implementation and integration

Extensive experience and confidence is essential in the execution of a customer analytics program, particularly if a predictive analytics component is involved. Our long-term experience makes us your perfect partner to set up and integrate customer analytics solutions for you.

Support and maintenance

Customer analytics & business intelligence call for special support & maintenance. Since customers are changing over time, keeping your marketing, sales and service units in a constant state of flux, it is imperative to regularly keep pace with your models, analyses, and KPIs.


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