Business Intelligence:
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Create knowledge from information.

Interpret your information and generate a new foundation for knowledge and decisions at the push of a button.

Achieve sustained success by recognizing problems early on and applying the potential hidden in the information to make sound decisions.

Link information sources and processes for transforming information into valuable knowledge by using it pinpointedly across departments to gain insights.

“Data is the new oil. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. Data must be broken down, analyzed for it to have value.”

Clive Humby, UK Mathemetician and architect of Tesco’s Clubcard

Business Intelligence (BI) is a comprehensive process of systematic analysis that compiles, evaluates, and presents information in an electronic form. BI helps you in your decision-making and control processes, while delivering valuable information for management purposes.

Successful Use Cases

Sales Management

Corporations face the challenge of monitoring, managing, and optimizing their omni-channel business. One meaningful BI system with a specially developed dashboard eases interpretation of sales figures. Just one view highlights the problems and needed action. Thanks to this solution, resellers generate higher revenues that boost the bottom line for the manufacturer.

Financial Planning

Enterprises with highly heterogenous landscapes for Business Intelligence and IT aim to consolidate diverse legal entities into their own systems and KPIs. A CPM (Corporate Performance Management) approach helps achieve managed and standardized planning – a huge time saver. Meaningful visualization identifies deviances and trends, while worst-case and best-case scenarios facilitate decision-making.

Supply Chain

Poor planning, manual processes, promotions, and unexpected orders can quickly lead to outstanding accounts and delivery delays. With Business Intelligence, you can handle goals and strategies to fully integrate your departments and their processes and systems. It combines data warehouses and enhances reports with forecasts, parameters, and planned volumes. The reporting systems and forecasts ensure timely delivery of quality information, guaranteeing a high level of customer loyalty.

Count on us to support you with these services

We have extensive experience in Business Intelligence for enterprises, and you can rely on our following services to generate higher value and make the best decisions:

  • Business Intelligence consulting services
  • Corporate performance management solutions
  • Planning
  • Reporting
  • Business analysis
  • Self-service Business Intelligence
  • Visualization
  • Data integration
  • Data management
  • Data quality

Transform your information into success


Reporting Dashboard

This is how Business Intelligence can benefit your enterprise:

  • Meaningful reports
  • Solid basis for decision-making
  • More time and knowledge
  • Optimized quality of data and KPIs

Our Approach

We assist you in identifying the information and sources with the greatest potential for adding value, and help you define your Business Intelligence goals and strategy. Count on our support for interpreting figures and create a new foundation of knowledge – with dependable information that eases your routine work and substantially reinforces your business processes. Outcome: a need-driven solution for operational and strategic success.

  • Business Intelligence strategy
  • Design & implementation
  • Software selection
  • Data management & integration
  • Visualization and self-service Business Intelligence
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