Veeva-Software for the Life Science industry

We have the technical know-how of the Veeva portfolio as well as in-depth process- and industry knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector. This mix of both industry- and technical expertise is our recipe for success.

As one of the leading Veeva and Salesforce partners for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we offer you everything from one source.

From system selection and implementation to training, administration, support and ongoing development, we help you on your way to digital transformation.


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„For us, ec4u was not only a very good implementation partner in this extremely successful Veeva launch, but also an expert guide through the challenges of digitizing critical business processes.“

Our Portfolio

As a Preferred Partner for Veeva’s CRM, CLM and Order Management solutions in the project phases “Strategy”, “Implementation” and “Support”, we will lead you through the digital transformation of your sales, marketing, service and commerce processes.

  • Benefit from our many years of experience and extensive expertise in the pharmaceutical and life science industries.
  • Learn more about the individual Veeva solutions and how you can implement them in your company.
  • Digitize processes to deliver seamless, personalized multi-channel experiences for your customers.

We’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements and use cases with you in a first conversation.


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Veeva CRM

Veeva CRM is the proven multi-channel CRM solution for Pharma & Life Science. With integrated commercial best practices, Veeva CRM simplifies complex and time-consuming tasks, increasing the effectiveness of your customer interactions. Veeva CRM supports your team, whether they are selling primary and specialty treatments, MSLs or account managers for managed markets.

Get to know the mobile solution in a 90-second video.

  • Communicate with your customers directly (F2F) and surprise them with individual content in your presentations
  • Easily conduct visits online with Veeva CRM Engage
  • Use approved E-Mail for easy multi-channel customer communication
  • Get up-to-the-minute figures via Veeva CRM MyInsights on all activities recorded in the CRM, directly in the app. Visualize, divise and update at any time

Veeva Closed-Loop-Marketing


Leverage Veeva CRM’s complete customer view to present and document the latest content simultaneously.

Automatic filling of the visitor report eliminates administrative overhead and improves data quality.

Get real-time insights into the use and order of content as well as customer feedback. Manage and administer your content offline and digitally with a complete multi-channel repository.

Use content with Augmented Reality to generate real experiences.

Learn about Veeva’s CLM here.

Order Management with Veeva


Simply enter orders directly into the CRM with Veeva. Enable your sales teams to:

  • write orders directly from the visit report or CLM presentations,
  • add order lines,
  • add delivery dates and recipients,
  • document customer signatures directly on the iPad.

In MyInsights, sales reps can also have an order overview output on the iPad. Contracts can be viewed and edited together with the order entry as well as an inventory monitoring.

Get to know Veeva Order Management here.

Sample Management with Veeva


Veeva Sample Management handles sample submissions directly within the Veeva CRM, allowing you to document samples paperless and compliant. Visit samples can be recorded directly in the visit report to save time for your sales team. A simple signature of the physician on your mobile device completes the process.

With the help of Sample Inventory, the stock-taking process is just as simple and fast.

The “Promotional Items” function is also integrated into the visit report and can be used for free items and those that do not require validation.

Veeva CRM Events Management

Kalender Icon

Veeva CRM Events Management provides a 360° view of your customers and supports your multi-channel marketing strategy for all types of events. With the Engage feature you can even create virtual events.

The familiar Veeva CRM interface enhances usability and effectiveness.

Organize, plan and control your events directly in Veeva CRM and benefit from the use of your Veeva CRM data pool.

View the demo now.

Veeva Vault PromoMats

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Veeva Vault combines digital asset management with approval and distribution processes. Vault ensures that only current and approved content is published.

Use Vault to approve your content so it meets compliance requirements. Control visibility and publish content to Veeva CRM or to your Website via Vault Digital Publishing.

Vault PromoMats helps you to reduce your time-to-market and improves your compliance management.

With easy provisioning and revocation, you can control your assets with just one click. In addition, Vault Brand Portals provide an easy-to-use view and quick download options.

Get to know Vault PromoMats here.

Veeva Align

icon approach 2

Veeva Align provides a modern Territory Alignment. Sales teams can document their direct feedback on territory structures in the Veeva CRM. This reduces administrative hurdles and speeds up assignments.

Align is fully integrated with Veeva CRM and enables multi-channel cycle planning in addition to territory assignments to segment all customer channel activities.

Find out more about the features here.

Integration into your system landscape


Integrate Veeva CRM with your ERP system, training portals or the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Enter orders or shipping samples into Veeva CRM and transfer the data to your ERP system for order fulfillment.

Use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to automate your customer journey and extend your Veeva CRM functionality.

We help you integrate your system and bring Veeva CRM into your system landscape.

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