bring women back to work

Salesforce initiative “Bring Women Back To Work” creates opportunities

With the motto “Bring Women Back To Work”, Salesforce Switzerland wants to make it easier for women to return to the workplaceThe consulting firm ec4u is part of the initiative.   

The software provider Salesforce has launched an initiative in Switzerland that enables women to find their way back to work more quickly after a break, for example after a pregnancy.  

Salesforce and its partners support return to work

Under the motto “Bring Women Back To Work”, female candidates can take part in further education and training opportunities and are then given the opportunity to apply for attractive jobs within the partner network. The partners offer flexible working hours and opportunities for creativity in line with the “Modern Work” concept, i.e. a modern working culture. Salesforce supports the job candidates with a one-year free training program (based on Trailhead). Mentors from the partner companies are also to accompany the (re-)entry into the work life. The initiative currently has 10 candidates per quarter who take part in the program.  

The consulting firm ec4u also takes part in the initiative and is looking forward to the female candidates.   

“For ec4u it is a given to participate in this project. We offer flexible working hours as a matter of principle and support all employees combining their private life with their working life. As a mother myself, I can only confirm the flexibility at our company,” explains Sabine Kirchem, Director Corporate Communications ec4u. “For example, quite independently of the initiative, we also offer subsidies for childcare and/or part-time models”.   

“Bring Women Back To Work” is not the only initiative with which ec4u wants to strengthen diversity in the company. Amongst other projects and measures, there has been an internal working group that deals with various facets of diversity in ec4u since 2019 

Diversity at ec4u

ec4u wants to become even more involved in the topic of diversity. We don’t just want to talk about it, we also want to act and make a difference,” explains Delphine Arvengas, Director Marketing Cloud ec4u, head of the ec4u Diversity Circle and also a parent. “Diversity is not just about women or quotas, but about creating a respectful and supportive environment within the company and laying the foundations for everyone to have equal opportunities to grow with us as part of ec4u. For example, I am French and I have colleagues from all over the world and locations in Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Austria and Spain, so everyone from different countries and cultures works together. 

Occasionally, this needs to be supported by initiatives or process rethinking. Our working group looks closely where we as a company can support our employees. That way, we can create a win-win situation and grow, because one thing is certain: diversity strengthens a company.” 

Learn more about the “Bring Women Back To Work” project on the Salesforce site.  

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