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David D. Laux

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In times of globalization, work-life-balance but also current events like Covid-19, virtual work gains importance. International teams communication via chat and virtual meetings, employees work from home, to adjust to different lifestyles. Additionally, many people depend on home office-options due to closing schools and care facilities to protect people from Covid-19. Provide-20 is our answer to Covid-19 and the general need to design more flexible working processes.

As a consulting firm, specialized in the digitalization of customers journeys and processes, we want to help you with this information by providing critical services, know-how and best practices to make sure that virtual (project-) work is efficient, flexible and – above all – personal and therefore to strengthen the trust of your employees and customers in you.

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Your David D. Laux

You have questions about Provide-20 or the ec4u? Our corporate communications team will be happy to help you. Your personal contact Sabine Kirchem.

What does Covid-19 mean for ec4u and its customers and how well is ec4u prepared regarding its services and projects?

We collected the most important questions in an FAQ.

Current challenges in B2C commerce

The current crisis requires a quick response, especially in retail, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and fashion industries. The Internet has become indispensable for all of us over the past years.

We would like to enable companies in these industries to make use of online distribution as quickly as possible in order to continue their business and be well prepared for the future.

  • Companies must act due to the difficult business situation caused by restrictions and closed shops.
  • Many sellers do not have their own online sales channel and are therefore unable to react appropriately to the current situation, which is reflected in significant revenue losses.
  • This is particularly true for companies that have so far only offered their goods locally and, for example, were afraid to invest in their own online commerce.
Fast and uncomplicated: Our Quick Start packages
ec4u has developed two “Quick Start packages” for B2C commerce that will help you to set up your own online business in the shortest possible time. Do you have questions about our Quick Start packages? Our expert Frank Müller will answer your questions.

Quick Start "Beginner"

CheckboxWe make it possible for you to start online commerce in the shortest possible time based on a B2C commerce cloud architecture.
CheckboxIn about two weeks, you will receive basic online shop functionalities that you can easily upgrade in the future..

Quick Start "Advanced"

CheckboxYou can start professionally online trading in a short time.

CheckboxBased on a B2C commerce cloud architecture you will receive an online shop in about three weeks.

CheckboxBenefit from an improved and strongly customer-centered interface, which is equipped with additional sales boosting elements.

CheckboxThe integrated online shop functionalities can be easily upgraded at any time.

Great potential – Internet of Things

How can we use technology to contribute to better working spaces?

In order to improve our working conditions, we have to break new ground together and use the technology available to us to our advantage. Especially in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT), we see an enormous potential that is far from being exhausted. For example, we are currently trying to implement a system for monitoring the indoor climate of rooms, as we have understood that indoor air quality not only affects the performance of employees but can also have a direct influence on our health.

A prototyping focuses on a specially designed IoT-device that measures indoor air on site and transmits the data. Afterwards, for example, defined criteria can be used to check whether the rooms are suitable for working or whether they need to be ventilated.

If you have any questions about our work for a smarter future, please contact Markus Schneeweis.

Current challenges in marketing

Companies are using the current crisis for their communication with customers. But what makes sense for your own business model, what is relevant for customers and how can you stand out from the competition through communication? We show the Dos & Don’ts in marketing during the COVID-19 situation. Delphine Arvengas will be happy to answer any further questions you may have on this topic.


  • Rethink your communication: reach your customers through customer centricity
  • Put yourself in the place of your customers: determine which current “pain points” are most important to your customers in the crisis?
  • Put relevance in the spotlight: develop relevant communication offers for your customers based on the identified pain points
  • Minimize the health risk: rely on digital communication channels and provide webinars and videos, for example
  • Don’t forget to interact: human contact is essential qualify through e.g. great customer service
  • Think of possible new target groups: some customers will choose to order online for the first time because they don’t want to take a health risk


  • Don’t put yourself in the focus: don’t just talk about your company and your products
  • Don’t be untrustworthy: don’t play the expert, but refer to these
  • Don’t be boring: don’t communicate too frequently and not only exclusively about COVID-19
Develop an inbound strategy with five key questions on customer experience
5 Key Questions - Customer Experience

Virtual Project Management

Icon PfeileVirtual project management is already part of the daily work-life of many companies in different scopes. Whether it’s virtual meetings or employees who work from home – work is getting digital.

But how can you implement virtual work efficiently and strengthen relationships from remote workplaces? How do you make sure that personal interactions don’t get lost and especially teamwork doesn’t suffer?

Checkbox95% of all employers see remote options as a way to gain employee retention.

Checkbox86% of all employees who work from home are more productive.

Checkbox46% of all companies that support remote work, have a lower employee churn.

(Source: Salesforce Trailhead)

Advantages of virtual projects
  • Saving travel costs as well as time
  • More flexibility with short-term meetings
  • Higher availability of all team members, customers and contacts
  • Increase in productivity
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • More documentation and central information filing (digital)
  • No risk of contagion in case of viruses
Disadvantages of virtual projects
  • ‘Isolation’ and less personal contact between colleagues
  • High risk of miscommunication
  • Dependency of infrastructure and technology
  • Less control – employees need to self-organize more

How to: remote work

With the right basics, tools and processes, disadvantages of virtual projects can easily be avoided. The most important aspects are enabling on-going communication as well as providing all necessary information on a central platform.


ec4u provides you with basic trainings for virtual teams and projects. This training is adapted continuously based on project-experiences.

For ec4u-customers, we offer an introductory online workshop at the beginning of a virtual project to get everyone on the same page. Your partners for this are Christian Bäcker and Holger Hutzl.

ec4u recommends customers the right tools (soft- and hardware). At the beginning of a project, we send ‘welcome packages’ for virtual work like headsets, cameras and info-material.

Remote Digital-Check

Icon Checkliste

As part of our Digital Maturity Check, the ec4u offers a free remote check of your digital marketing.

In a one-hour expert call, we will ask you specific questions to determine the digital maturity level of your marketing together with you. Afterwards, we will evaluate your results and share our expert opinion with you. After we have completed this assessment process, we will finally provide you with a roadmap to prepare you for your digital marketing future.

In addition to checking the digital maturity level of your marketing, we also hold remote workshops on “Optimizing your customer experience”. Here we use the Customer Journey Mapping methodology. We also offer the workshop completely remote, supported by modern online visualization tools. For all questions concerning our Digital Maturity Check, please contact Frank Müller.

Veeva Engage is available free of charge to Veeva CRM customers

During the current crisis, our technology partner Veeva is providing their customers with the online meeting tool Veeva Engage Meeting free of charge. With this tool, digital meetings with healthcare professionals (HCPs) can be guaranteed for patients despite possible spatial restrictions.

HCPs can easily access the software via browser which also can be used to send access links for virtual meetings to all participants. The tool is fully integrated with Veeva CRM.

For all questions concerning our technology partner Veeva, please contact Gregor Börner.