A report – Oracle Siebel Community Day

ec4u organized the first Oracle Siebel Community Day in Switzerland on May 20th, 2016. It was hosted by Swisscom, one of the main Siebel user in Switzerland and also one of the strategic customers of ec4u. This Siebel Open UI Community Day has been a great success with more than 40’000 Siebel seats represented in the room. Participants have benefitted from the rich agenda, but also fro networking and exchanging experiences.

  • The main topics we shared were the following:
  • Siebel IP 2016 News & Facts
  • Specialised Frameworks for Open UI
  • Open UI Proof of Concept – presented by Swisscom
  • Open UI & AngularJS
  • Mobile –the real game changer – or not?
  • Agile Development with Siebel

The Siebel Community members will now have the opportunity to stay in touch, and then to meet again in 6 months for our next Siebel Community Day.