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1000 Tulips and a Red Carpet – Modern Business in Munich

Currently, Oracle is on a global tour with the “Oracle Modern Business Experience”. This convention consists of five individual meetings, which are meant for intensive exchange of knowledge and lively discussions. The goal of the series is to look at the Digital Transformation from the angle of different departments and to illustrate possible paths to companies using experts, use cases and technological solutions.

In Germany, the tour made a stop in Munich’s M.O.C. Center on April 19 and 20. Next to Deloitte, ec4u expert consulting ag was the only sponsor in Germany for the field “Modern Customer Experience”.

In total, more than 1,000 guests attended the event, eager to get inspired by the exciting speeches about the newest trends as well as best practices.

Beside the presentations, there was enough time to network and to get involved in deeper conversations with (potential) clients as well as media representatives.

However, with which three expressions can the Oracle Modern Business Experience in Munich best be described?

For a start, with the term “data enthusiasm”, which has been coined by the blogger and journalist Sascha Lobo. Data is uploaded to various platforms and shared with the whole world. There are few areas that aren’t affected by this “display” yet.

Furthermore, the keyword “customer focus” is relevant in order to describe the event. Only companies that are able to include their customers into the business strategy successfully and to understand the customer journey, will achieve the desired results. Brian J. Curran, Vice President of Oracle CX, emphasized strongly that a customer experience is influenced by various factors. A fact that many companies still are not aware of today. Next to political or sociographic factors, time of day, location or environment play an important role in the decision and buying process of a potential customer.

The third expression is likely to surprise one reader or two—it actually is “Mainzelmännchen” (“Little Mainz Men”). The CEO of the tv channel ZDF put the focus of his speech on the six little men and showed their evolution in the course of the Digital Transformation.

Gérard Peyronne, responsible for the field of marketing automation at DuPont, presented the marketing strategy of the industrial concern in his speech, emphasizing that B2B or B2C are non-existent from his perspective. In his opinion, the expression B2P—Business to Person—rather describes the relations/orientation of companies towards their customers. How true, since companies still try to pigeonhole them. As a matter of course, they think to know what their customers need and in which manner to address them.

Another highlight was the talk about “Campaign Nirvana” presented by our customer Barbara Bengs, Senior Regional Marketing Manager DACH at Riverbed Technology. She showed, from the perspective of the daily routine in marketing, how campaigns in Eloqua are created, which pitfalls exist and how simple campaigns finally can be executed.

“Not the technologies change the world, but the people that use them”, Lobo distilled the essence of the convention.

Did we arouse your interest?

Then we invite you to take a look at the pictures of the event and to listen to the presentations online.