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Smart sales tools for your sales team

Modern distribution is digital. In order to exceed sales targets and master complex structures, sales managers depend on the transformation of their processes, communication channels, and technologies. In today’s B2B sales, buying centers not only have to be controlled but also inspired.

Today’s customers use different channels and communication methods to approach sales. In addition, they research and inform themselves independently over long stretches of the purchasing phase. So how can modern sales have an early influence on the customer’s decision? And how can customer loyalty be achieved in the age of asynchronous communication (e-mails, social media, etc.)?

A modern sales platform supports sales managers in their daily work. Its use increases the sales rate and focuses valuable sales time on the key customers with the highest potential.

Trust is important in B2B sales. It helps when your sales staff can initiate the right actions directly after meeting the customer.”

Mario Pufahl, CSO ec4u und Autor

The advantages of an Intelligent Workplace

Individuell_Intelligent Workplace for Sales


The personal “Intelligent Workplace” is tailored your individual needs and is available on the go. You can find individualized, condensed information, and thus control and plan your workday. Your essential KPIs are visualized in a simple and comprehensible way.

Intelligent Workplace for Sales


Achieve effects through seamless collaboration with customers on a common platform and through (legally compliant) communication across multiple channels in real-time.

Intelligent Workplace for Sales


With mobile access and using voice control integrated into Office 365, sales work is easy as pie. Access information on the road or update customer information on site.

KI AI Analytics_Intelligent Workplace for Sales


You provide your team with all the necessary insights through best practice dashboards. You can answer individual questions objectively, data-based, and directly through the integrated self-service tools.

The use of Artificial Intelligence in sales enables you to identify and exploit cross-sell and up-sell potentials.

Automatisierung_Intelligent Workplace for Sales


The automation of processes lets you get through the sales day faster and smoother. Create regular reports for yourself and your team.

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With ec4u you can rely on a long-standing Gold Partner of Microsoft in the area of MS Dynamics CRM. In combination with SharePoint as a collaboration platform and content management tool as well as business intelligence and analytics strategies, our experts will add value to your company.

„With intelligent systems, sales can be supported so that they can do what is really important

Mario Pufahl, CSO ec4u and Autor