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Customer Analytics:
Unsere Lösungen zur Gewinnung von Mehrwerten aus Kundendaten

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The right BI and Customer Analytics platform for your company

With the support of Customer Analytics & Business Intelligence you get more from your customer journey. With the help of regularly calculated KPIs, for example, you gain a clear understanding of the performance of your processes, campaigns and more. With the help of Business Intelligence, you can analyze customer behavior or identify trends early on and present them clearly.

This enables you to reduce your customer acquisition costs, optimize budgets and channels, and maximize customer lifetime value to have a direct impact on your business results.

Customer Analytics and Business Intelligence are, based on your data, the digital foundation for your business decisions.

ec4u Customer Analytics consulting services


We work out your use cases and develop initial solution scenarios and roadmaps in a workshop. We will teach hands-on, first user competencies in the self-service approach.

Data Quality Management is the perfect way to start any analytics project as it helps you test and optimize your data base to create clean, updated data.

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We will implement selected cases together as an agile pilot project for a proof of concept and determine its scalability and profitability for your company.


We will support the implementation of the cases and accompany the roll-out and data integration. In doing so, we put your employees in a position to further develop the platform within the framework of the self-service approach


We will support you in the empowerment of your employees so that data-based analyses and decisions are anchored in your organization. We offer appropriate training and education, enabling your employees to perform self-service analyses and also to develop their own dashboards and reports.

Self Service

Self Service BI enables your departments and employees to independently design applications for the individual needs of the respective department. The modern self-service BI tools offer a wide range of possibilities, e.g. alerts and notifications, the design of individual dashboards and customized analyses, the combination of existing reports and completely new applications.


In training courses we will teach users how to handle data, analyses, and dashboards or give an introduction to machine learning. Technical training courses impart knowledge about data connection and integration, data modeling, and the administration of the respective system.

We train your employees in handling data and analytics.
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ec4u as consulting partner

  • ec4u has been a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner since 2004 and a Power Platform Partner since 2019
  • ec4u is Salesforce Platinum Partner since 2014
  • In total, more than 140 certified consultants are involved in ec4u, bringing their experience and best practices from more than 700 projects

Possible Customer Analytics and Business Intelligence scenarios

Marketing and Sales Performance Controlling

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Utilize key figures tailored to your business processes, to understand your business based on data. Thanks to state-of-the-art visualization concepts, we also ensure a compact and quickly comprehensible presentation of business-critical information. This allows you to identify the potential for improvement at a glance and take appropriate action.

Data-Driven Buyer Personas and Customer Segmentation

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Data-Driven Buyer Personas are derived from customer data and finalized with technical marketing expertise. A look into the data allows you to discover hidden patterns in customer behavior. This allows more personalized and targeted campaigns and product recommendations for your customers.

Predictive Churn Prevention and Retention

To recognize churn at an early stage and act appropriately is important for every company. Especially when customers leave “in silence”, this is a challenge. With suitable analytics methods, we can help you identify early on when your customers are at risk of churn and suggest optimal measures for retention and recovery.

Marketing Automation and E-Mail Targeting

When managing marketing measures, it is important to reach only those customers that can be persuaded to make a purchase or act positively when addressing them. Customers who already show a high willingness to buy or who could even be deterred from buying by approaching them are identified by intelligent methods (e.g. Uplift Modeling). With these methods, marketing campaigns can be implemented much more effectively and efficiently.

Predictive Lead Scoring

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Predictive Lead Scoring is an essential part of the marketing and sales process. The method is based on the analysis of historical data in conjunction with Machine Learning. This generates accurate values that reflect a conversion probability or expected revenue. In the end, a forecasted customer lifetime value (CLV) contributes to increased efficiency in many process steps, for example in customer service.

Campaign Perfomance Monitoring

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Monitoring involves the target group-oriented preparation and visualization of success measurements based on KPIs, including campaign, sales, and clickstream data. Time-based trend analyses with a view on different channels and segments enable you to break down and track the success of campaigns in detail. Insights gained can be directly fed back into your operational processes. Thus, your customer-specific approach can be constantly optimized through continuous improvement.

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