Digital solutions for the individual requirements of the life sciences and pharma industry


The life sciences and pharmaceutical industry consists of a large number of different players:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Healthcare providers (hospitals, physicians, etc.),
  • Health insurance companies
  • eHealth providers

All these players serve healthcare professionals (e.g., physicians or pharmacists) but also patients and their relatives, and have both common and individual requirements for a CRM system.

On the one hand, the indirect business model must be mapped (the doctor prescribes, the patient uses, the health insurance company pays), and on the other hand, the special compliance requirements (including data protection, GxP) must be taken into account.

A particular challenge for providers is the balance between digital (e.g. telematics infrastructure) and classic solutions (such as the still often used fax). ec4u supports you in the digitalization of your processes and communication channels and ensures seamless links between stationary and digital channels.


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Our services

Diverse product portfolio for converging stakeholder groups (MD/Rx/OTC)

The product portfolio in the life sciences and pharma industry is as diverse and multifaceted as the beneficiaries and the stakeholders involved in the process.

We digitize your processes on one platform.

From medical devices that automatically trigger service processes via the Internet of Things, to a sales process that includes both indirect and direct sales channels, to a 360° view of service providers, service recipients and contractual partners.

Management and evaluation of your pharma data

Few other industries collect as much data and analyses as companies within the pharma and life science industry.

It is important to use this data for sales optimization as well as effective customer care. Together, we get the most out of the existing data pools for you and your customers and present the data integrated, visualized and easy-to-understand.

To do this, we use proven and leading business intelligence tools (e.g. Snowflake or Tableau).

Customer Relationship Management in a regulated rnvironment

Pharmaceutical CRM becomes even more complex due to regulations and compliance requirements. We help you implement GxP-compliant customer care. Provide your customers with the best support and give your employees an easy documentation option.

We also offer solutions that allow you to collaborate with your business partners fast, integrated and easily traceable. An example of this is the joint maintenance of forecasts or the provision of marketing materials via a partner portal.

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A selection of customer projects

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ec4u as a consulting partner in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry

Veeva Partner Badge

Veeva – the CRM solution for life sciences and pharmaceutical industry

ec4u supports you not only with in-depth process- and industry knowledge of pharma & life sciences, but also with technical know-how based on the Veeca CRM portfolio. Veeva CRM is the proven multi-channel CRM solution for the industry. It simplifies complex and time-consuming tasks and thus increases your effectiveness.

As a Preferred Partner for the Veeva solutions CRM, CLM and Order Management in the project phases “Strategy”, “Implementation” and “Support”, we support you in the digital transformation of your sales, marketing, service and commerce processes. You can find more information about Veeva here.



With more than 400 employees and over 150 Salesforce consultants, we are one of the leading Salesforce partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and accompany you from consulting to implementation to support and training along the Salesforce Cloud solution portfolio.

For numerous successfully completed projects with a very high customer satisfaction, ec4u received the Salesforce Partner Badge “Salesforce Navigator Specialist 1 Pharma”.

Snowflake Services Partner Select


Snowflake helps you to centrally manage your data and thus efficiently use it for customer analytics, artificial intelligence and business intelligence. We use Snowflake Data Warehouse to put your data at the center of your business and help you get the most out of the platform.

Our team of certified experts will help you assess, architect, analyze, and technically migrate your data to the data cloud. Learn more about Snowflake.

Tableau Partner


Together with our partner Tableau, we help you explore and manage your existing data.
The flexible end-to-end analytics platform integrates with various cloud solutions and accelerates and facilitates data-driven work for all users, even those without analytics expertise.

With a user-friendly interface, analysts and business users can easily deploy the platform and create, customize and share dashboards for data visibility with minimal time. For more information on Tableau, click here.

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