Customer journey management for telecommunications

Master the challenges along your digital journey to the future

The telecom sector is undergoing rapid transformation. Specialized knowledge is needed to address hyper-connectivity, which demands 24/7 connectivity of everything and everyone. The time is ripe to kick-off the next generation system for customer management. Count on us at ec4u to deliver comprehensive solutions for a communicative world from our technology partners and put your customers in the limelight.

Exploit the advantages of a cloud – with our expert guidance on digital transformation!

Exhilaration at each touch point

Tough competition in the telecom market makes it difficult to set yourself apart just with the price and product. You need to thrill current and new customers at every touch point with something new. Our customer management experts will help you with the perfect lead management, opt in, or GDPR strategy – and implement it professionally in a multichannel or omnichannel environment.

Happy customers for a headstart

Telecommunications providers must remain close to their customers to deliver the best, long-term experiences. Utilize simple processes to save time when placing orders and extending/expanding contracts – and pass the savings on to your customers.

Attractive real-time proposals

Display only those offers to your customers that fulfil their wishes and evoke excitement. Your service team can bank on us for real-time decision-making support for cross-selling and up-selling. The products that are right for the specific situation will be offered automatically at the right time. Deploy customer self-service portals to relieve your service staff and let your customers use smart self-service options.

Experts in Marketing, Sales and Service

B2C Customer Journey of telecommunication customer

Every customer is different and has his own needs. Do you know all touch points you have with your customer? What are the situations the customer need your help or need more information? Are you operating on different channels?

See in the Video how a ideal customer journey should look like and where the customer gets in touch with the telecommunication company.

There are great methods to find out which are the different touch points with your customer – for example Customer Journey Mapping.

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We have demonstrated competency in our projects

For more than 10 years, we have been working successfully in CRM with leading telecommunication companies across Europe. An example of a superior CRM from one source is the longstanding cooperation between Swisscom and ec4u.