Customer Journey Management for financial services

Of incalculable value – customer trust

Digital transformation poses new challenges for financial services – but new opportunities too. Networked business activities, highly agile IT systems, efficient sales organizations, and digital banking products can give you a good head start in the tough competition for private and business customers. You can count on the support of our CRM experts.

Digital transformation for success across all channels

Use emails, social media, phones, or letters to demonstrate that you are highly available, easily accessible, and have fast response times. Multichannel banking systems with a networked IT infrastructure and organization empower you to deal with customers across all channels, and establish a standardized digital marketing approach to target them.

Sales unit as the leader for business customers

You would naturally prefer efficient sales processes and rising sales performance. But how? We can bolster your sales unit, for instance, by setting up a mobile CRM system and collaboration tools. Through a central platform, you can access information on customers to target them uniquely, process documents jointly, define service standards, etc.

A head start in service for private customers

Your private customers are interested in more than just money: they value trust and a high standards of service. In these digital times, excellent service associated with almost permanent human access has become one of the decisive competitive advantages. Apply web-based services and apps or digital banking and insurance products, to win new customers and satisfy existing ones.

Your contact for financial services

Mario Pufahl

Chief Sales Officer
Phone: +49 (0) 721 46 476-100