Hope for Haiti's Kids: Together through the crisis

Hope for Haiti’s Kids: Together through the crisis

When Haiti was hit by the severe earthquake in January 2010, the Swiss association “Hope for Haiti’s Kids” decided to fundamentally improve life, especially for disadvantaged and orphaned children. From the very beginning, ec4u was there as a supporter.

“Hope for Haiti’s Kids” was founded at the beginning of 2010, when committed Swiss volunteers, together with the partner organization EDE-YO (Creole for “help yourself”), supported three projects: an orphanage, a family project that financed schooling and meals, and an educational program for young Haitians. At that time, ec4u took over the sponsorship for some of the children and has since donated regularly to the association.

“Hope for Haiti’s Kids” helps to build and support schools, provides drinking water and food, and specifically helps to finance and provide vehicles for medical visits.

Particularly the educational programs ensure that children and adults learn not only the most important school subjects, but also get help with social skills and receive opportunities for self-sufficiency through a comprehensive curriculum and educational support.

The support is very important especially during the on-going pandemic. Although the number of infections in Haiti remained within limits, the crisis hit the country hard in economic terms. The donations continue to provide children with education, enough food, medical care and a safe haven on campus.

David Laux, CEO ec4u, is grateful for the opportunity to help. “For the past eleven years, we have supported the school staff and the 280 local children through www.haitikinderhilfe.ch. Never has it been more important than this year: despite the Corona virus, we have managed to keep the school project going. This is what we mean by commitment, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.”

Find more about Hope for Haitis Kids here on its German website.

ec4u cares – as a consulting company, we take our social, economical and environmental responsibility seriously. Therefore, we work on different aspects to reduce our footprint, create more diversity and support others.

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