Hope for Haitis Kids

Hope for Haitis Kids: 10 years of help together with ec4u

Since the devastating earthquake in January 2010, the Swiss foundation “Hope for Haiti’s Kids works on improving the lives of neglected and orphaned children. ec4u has been an avid supporter since the beginning.

Hope for Haitis Kids was started at the beginning of 2010. Back then, motivated Swiss volunteers worked together with their partner organization EDE-YO (creole for ‘help yourself’) to aid with three projects: an orphanage, a schooling program for young Haitians and a family project that aimed to give financial aid for school and food. Back then, ec4u sponsored several kids and has since then be a steady sponsor for the charitable society.

Nowadays, Hope for Haitis Kids helps associations in Haiti to build and maintain schools, create means to get drinking water and grow food and offers financial aid, for example to provide vehicles for important journeys to hospitals or authorities.

Especially the schooling programs are focused on helping children and adults alike to get educated but also learn social and economic skills for more independence.

David Laux, CEO ec4u, is grateful to be able to help. “Hope for Haitis Kids is now in its tenth year. For 10 years, www.haitikinderhilfe.ch has helped 280 children. In 2019, we managed to implement a drinking water system for a whole school building, covering eight classrooms for nine classes. That’s what we’re talking about when we’re talking about commitment, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.”

Find more about Hope for Haitis Kids here on its German website.