ec4u extends offices to Bulgaria

ec4u opens new office in Bulgaria: ‘добър ден means ‘Hello’

(Karlsruhe) The consulting firm ec4u expert consulting ag has a new office in Bulgaria. In late 2017, ec4u partnered with the consulting firm Bulpros to build a nearshore center in Sofia to cover the need for immediate resources regarding ec4u projects. After the cooperation exceeded expectations in 2018, ec4u decided to take on 45 Bulpros employees full-time by early 2020.

Currently, around 10 new ec4u employees work in a new office in Sofia, further 35 employees will be hired until January 2020.

Bulpros offers innovative, global IT services and solutions, concentrating on Enterprise Collaboration, Cloud, Big Data, IoT, Enterprise Mobility and Outsourcing. According to the Deloitte report “Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe”, it’s one of the fastest growing technology companies in Bulgaria and places 12th for the whole MOE-region.

ec4u is a leading consulting firm for customer relationship management and has 11 offices and more than 300 employees to work on projects world-wide covering customer management and the digital transformation.

The new colleagues will support ec4u in almost all core topics, amongst them Salesforce, Commerce Cloud, B2B, B2C, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics and Business Intelligence.

After the move to the new office in Business Park in Sofia in early 2019, the new team has settled in a spacious new building. There’s already been a team-building event and workshops to share knowledge.

Building trust in a new team

Holger Hutzl, the director of the Bulgarian office, manages the integration of the new employees into the ec4u. Because he helped develop the partnership and the cooperation model from the beginning, he was the right choice. He has already built a trusting relationship with his employees due to many in-person visits.

Bulgarians are very personal, you can only build trust by meeting in person“, Holger Hutzl explains. Every two weeks, he visits Sofia and helps with integrating the team further into ec4u structures. “We show the new colleagues our company culture, for example our guardrails. The young people are particularly fond of the individualism and entrepreneurship. Teamwork is very important.

Another project will be lowering the language barriers by using more English materials and templates. “In our German calls, we have to take into account that we at least should provide English material. We will have many new colleagues who are integrated in many projects and this needs to be normal on a day-to-day-basis.
Holger Hutzl further wants German colleagues to visit Sofia. “Especially, if you work together in projects, you should visit your new colleagues.

Most importantly, Holger Hutzl has already learned a little Bulgarian: “‘добър ден’ (dobŭr den) means ‘Hello’. If you know other Slavic languages, you probably already know this. But much more interesting is ‘merci’ which you can say if you want to thank someone, just like the French.”

The new address:

ec4u expert consulting ag – Regional Office Bulgaria

Mladost 4, Business park

Building 15 Floor 2

BG-1766 Sofia

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