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ec4u “Glücksmomente”: donation for good causes

After the successful donation project during Christmas 2018, ec4u continues to donate for good causes at its office locations. Five charities got ec4u donations for Christmas 2019.

With the motto “Glücksmomente” (happy moments)” the ec4u board donated 2500€ for good causes. 500€ each went to help charities at ec4u locations in Munich, Böblingen, Eisenstadt, Zurich and Karlsruhe. Especially charities that help children and teenagers were considered to gift a little bit of joy during the holidays.

2018, “Glücksmomente” helped finance individual presents under the Christmas tree but also group visits to amusement parks and clothing as well as baby food for refugee families.

For the donations, employees at the respective offices were tasked to find the right local charities. Additional donation boxes also made the rounds in each office.

Donation for low-income families

Hanne Landgraf Stiftung_LogoOne of the donations was given to the Hanne Landgraf Stiftung in Karlsruhe. “This helps us a lot with creating chances”, the charity told ec4u in an email. Since its foundation in 2004, the charity helps to fight child poverty and help children that are affected by poverty. “‘Children from low-income families need chances to find a way out of poverty.’ This maxim by the politician Hanne Landgraf who inspired the foundation of the charity, is the basis for the work that the Hanne Landgraf-Stiftung invests.

The Austrian charity “Eisenstadt hilft” (Eisenstadt helps) was given another check by ec4u. “With the donation, low-income families can be helped without complex bureaucratic hurdles to have a beautiful Christmas Eve”, Julius Kindler, Managing Director at ec4u explains. “By helping local charities, we can make a mark as a company and show, that despite digitalization, we don’t lose sight of the most important aspect of our work: the people.”