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What‘s Snowflake and why is it so hot? (English)

For an all-around view of your customer, you need a comprehensive data warehouse that holds the available data. We show you how to use the data warehouse Snowflake to handle the entire volume of data, workload and concurrency that your applications and customers require.

What‘s Snowflake and why is it so hot? (English)

Data Quality Assessment

You can only achieve the full value of automated personalization, analytics methods and intelligent forecasts, if your data quality is at a high level. Data Quality Assessment supports you in this.

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Design Thinking and agile implementation

You want to work as effectively and transparently as possible on the implementation when a new project begins? With the agile project methodology and the inclusion of Design Thinking, you can achieve this by slicing the scope of the project into small work packages. Get faster solutions and avoid bad decisions.

Design Thinking Factsheet_Cover

Change Management with Focus Groups

Most projects end with the go-live of a system, but that’s when the really important work begins. Your employees have to be enthusiastic and empowered for new developments. No one should be overwhelmed or have problems operating the new systems. Most of all, you have to explain the vision and added value to your employees and make them part of these changes. This is exactly where the focus group concept supports your company and team.

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In our Webinar we introduce the concept and business value of Chatbots. We also show you a cool real-life demo. Here you can experience how a chatbot works and see how cool the different functionalities are. We illustrate the integration pattern with Siebel CRM and the tools we used to build the demo.

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Uplift Modeling

Uplift modeling is a predictive analytics approach to forecast (foresee) every customer’s most likely behavior. In our white paper we explain uplift modeling and give tipps how to find out which customers will love, hate or ignore your marketing and sales efforts. Create communication strategies more efficiently, lower your churn rate and excite those customers that really love to hear from you.

Uplift Modeling white paper cover

Customer Journey Management

Reach your customers at the right time and on the right channel. Our guide explains why customer journey management helps implement a customer centric view across your entire organization, which strategies and elements help understanding your customers better, and provides best practices on how to approach each customer individually.

Better Leads For Your Sales Team

Increase performance and success rates for your lead management with the integrated lead management approach. In our white paper we explain how marketing and sales can work better together by optimizing lead generation and nurturing through individualized content and common KPIs.

better leads en_white paper_cover