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News from ec4u Turtle

Learn more about the new functionalities of the ec4u Turtle for Siebel Open UI and our optimized website. Learn about the benefits and the transformation in our demo.

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Siebel Open UI use case examples from real life

Watch real life examples that show what you can achieve with the use of Siebel Open UI-customization. The webinar is tailored to telecommunications, especially for CRM call center- and shop applications and for people who deploy in Siebel Open UI production systems. Benefit now from downloading the recording.

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Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment & Devops for Siebel CRM

Find out how you can leverage the latest features of Siebel IP2017/18 to automate & implement CI/CD pipelines, DevOps for Siebel CRM using the solution developed for Dymensions, Inc.


Siebel MobileForce - Mobile in 30 Minutes

In this webinar, we demonstrate an innovative approach migrating Siebel CRM to iPads/iPhones/etc. in a cost-saving setup. Find out more about the usage of mobile applications for your CRM. Our presentation comes with a live demo providing insights into the mobile world.

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In our Webinar we introduce the concept and business value of Chatbots. We also show you a cool real-life demo. Here you can experience how a chatbot works and see how cool the different functionalities are. We illustrate the integration pattern with Siebel CRM and the tools we used to build the demo.

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