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What‘s Snowflake and why is it so hot? (English)

For an all-around view of your customer, you need a comprehensive data warehouse that holds the available data. We show you how to use the data warehouse Snowflake to handle the entire volume of data, workload and concurrency that your applications and customers require.

What‘s Snowflake and why is it so hot? (English)

Data Quality Assessment

You can only achieve the full value of automated personalization, analytics methods and intelligent forecasts, if your data quality is at a high level. Data Quality Assessment supports you in this.

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Uplift Modeling

Uplift modeling is a predictive analytics approach to forecast (foresee) every customer’s most likely behavior. In our white paper we explain uplift modeling and give tipps how to find out which customers will love, hate or ignore your marketing and sales efforts. Create communication strategies more efficiently, lower your churn rate and excite those customers that really love to hear from you.

Uplift Modeling white paper cover