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Nearshore-Services for flexible resources

Do you lack the necessary personnel resources, skills and know-how to take advantage of the opportunities that the digital transformation offers your company?

The BOT-model of the ec4u allows a quick and easy start with attractive scaling options. We offer you a cost-focused set-up in Europe, to hire the best developers and build a strong long-term DevOps shop.


“Build-Operate-Transfer” (BOT) are the three phases of the delivery model: once the team has been built and is operational, the lawful labour transfer of the team to the customer can take place at any time.”

„Our BOT model enables our customers to develop interesting new resource markets with low risk.“

Holger Hutzl, Director Professional Services ec4u

ec4u basic services and customer readiness programs

Operator models with the ec4u – the benefits

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  • Together with our local partner, we are one of the largest IT service providers in the CEE region with several locations and a strong local footprint.
  • With our knowledge of you as our customer we can support the optimal and efficient integration of a new nearshore team.
  • We have a broad technology portfolio and extensive experience with lean, agile, and distributed DevOps teams.
  • We work with an established framework for hiring and training.
  • We are fast-growing and customer-centric. Innovation and digital transformation are our top priorities.

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Quality features of the ec4u BOT model


In the “Build-Operate-Transfer” approach, we will set up a nearshore center to the highest quality standards and ready for production and hand it over to you.


We manage the operational setup while you as the customer retain the full strategic control over the project to optimize efficiency and costs.


We operate highly scalable and everything will be aligned with your values and corporate culture.


We take over the on-boarding, guarantee a smooth integration, and meet quality and performance requirements. We will work with the methods and tools that you have incorporated and approved in your company.