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Customer Journey Start your journey

Customer Journey Management:
Our solutions for long-term successful customer relationships

With outside-in to customer centricity

customer centricity_iconPut your customers first and prepare your company for customer-centric communication. You need to convince through reliability and competence, quality, and friendliness at all touchpoints. We support you in the individual design of your Customer Experience Management. Change the perspective together with us from Inside-Out to Outside-In and look at your company and the important touchpoints in customer communication consistently from the customer’s point of view.

„In order to build up an optimized customer journey management, it is essential to take the customer’s view. Only then is it possible to create a unique customer experience.”

Frank Müller, Manager Professional Services ec4u

Closed-Loop Customer Journey Management

Added value through Customer Journey Management

  • Active Customer Journey Management enables the company-wide and holistic development and application of a customer image.
  • The documentation and use of data on customer behavior helps you to achieve your goals.
  • The use of relevant systems such as Commerce or Marketing Automation provides additional scaling options.
  • Your customers receive relevant services, content and offers along the Customer Lifecycle in real-time.
  • You receive a sustainable framework to lay all necessary foundations for the digital transformation.

Customer Journey-Consultancy Packages


As archetypal users, personas represent the goals and needs of the target group. Together with you, we develop and document your personas.


The persona-specific characteristics of the Customer Lifecycle and the corresponding customer journey are defined.


The customer journeys are analyzed and visualized in detail. System requirements are then derived from them.


We map the existing content to the customer journeys, identify gaps, optimize channels and derive the content requirements.


We support you in the development of the organizational structure for the sustainable implementation of the method within the company.

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