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For a long time, analog processes and methods enabled the construction industry to be successful. However, construction companies have increasing difficulties to create more efficient business processes and optimize transparency as well as communication, particularly with customers and other stakeholders. Due to strongly developed and sometimes conflicting individual interests of the stakeholders along the construction value chain, it is becoming increasingly difficult to design processes that address everyone’s needs.

In addition, low margins in the face of strong price competition and high-risk construction projects often make long-term planning difficult.

Digitization is the key for safer planning, more effective scaling and a transparent connection of all participants.


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“ec4u is an extremely competent company that we can only recommend. Our experience has been consistently positive: the introduction of Salesforce® went smoothly, the cooperation was very constructive, and our goals were fully achieved.”

Nadja Riedweg, Department Manager Communication & CRM

Our Services

Convince your B2B and B2C customers with fast response times and maximum accessibility to individual requests.
With a cloud-based platform, you can closely network marketing, sales, and service to interact with customers across all channels and respond to changing requirements.
Break down information silos with customer journey management systems that merge important data and store it centrally with real-time synchronization. Identify and solve risks at an early stage and increase the efficiency and transparency of your construction projects.

Identify opportunities and target (the right) customers

With multi-channel campaigns, we help you to acquire more new customers and address your existing customers personally with an automated customer journey.

Generate new leads by promoting events and other campaigns, and work with sales to attract new customers with your offerings.

Create a seamless customer experience with marketing automation. Cross-sell your offerings with automated email campaigns, create interactive online forms, and target customers on the right channels.

Successful in all construction projects

We help you build a central, mobile, cloud-based CRM platform to access all customer data for an individualized customer approach, collaborate on documents, and optimally support sales activities with the help of a 360° view of your customer metrics and construction projects.
Collaboration tools help you coordinate construction project activities together and share insights into customer data easily and quickly.
Secure a clear bidding advantage with centralized know-how and a shared focus on all parties involved in a construction project.
Specially optimized commerce platforms in the B2B area help you increase sales and reduce the sales work load with a self-service approach.

A head start through excellent service

Strengthen the trust of your customers long-term with your excellent after-sales support.

With web-based apps, chatbots, omni-channel support and the use of artificial intelligence, simple tasks can be automated and also completed independently by customers at any time (self-service).

At the same time, high-quality personalized advice is made possible by specialized consultants with insight into all relevant customer data for individual customer inquiries, in order to provide a service that adapts to customer needs and enables faster responses.

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ec4u as a consulting partner in the construction industry

With more than 400 employees and over 150 Salesforce consultants, we are one of the leading Salesforce partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and accompany you from consulting to implementation to support and training along the Salesforce Cloud solution portfolio.

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