A person hugs a tree and forms a heart out of their hands

A tree for Eisenstadt: ec4u gets a tree sponsorship

In order to prevent climate change, Eisenstadt has developed a city tree concept that offers tree sponsorships for every citizen of Eisenstadt. ec4u has gladly accepted the offer.

Eisenstadt invites the population, companies and associations to participate in the city tree concept and to increase the number of trees in the provincial capital with tree sponsorships as well as promote the care and protection of the trees. The goal of the campaign is to have 16,500 city trees with their own sponsors by 2030.

“With the city tree concept, we want to secure the tree population for the future, but also find new places and locations to increase the number of trees in the state capital,” Mayor Thomas Steiner explains the project in the press release (German).

Der Baum in Eisenstadt

For the Eisenstadt office, ec4u also participated in the campaign and took over the sponsorship of a freshly planted tree in the Bürgerspitalgasse near the Haydn monument. ec4u already visited the tree, including a photo shoot for the new “hire”.

“The campaign is very close to our hearts. As a company, we want to have a positive impact on our society and the environment. Actions at our office sites in particular help to make a direct difference. This also fits in with our many sustainability campaigns that we plan and implement as part of our CSR strategy,” explains Julius Kindler, Managing Director ec4u. “They say you should plant a tree in your lifetime, but the urban tree concept also ensures that the tree is not only planted but also cared for. We’re excited to see how it develops.”

You can find out more about ec4u’s corporate social responsibility strategy on our info page.

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